Egy Fruits packing station

packing station

Egyfruits for Export Agricultural Products cooperate with several packing station for fruits and vegetables to make sure that our quality and orders on time.

Our fruits and vegetables are checked by the quality inspector in compliance with European strict export standards With our vast experience of regional and seasonal climatic variations, we are well qualified to select top quality fruits and vegetables from each area in accordance with the international requirements. The agricultural and market specialists working with us insist upon the optimal picking time and packing requirements of our client’s.

The one and only reason we have become a reliable name all over the country and even abroad is because of our emphasis upon the quality of our food products. We, at Our Farms, are highly conscious about your health and offer you fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. Our products strictly conform to international quality norms and they are carefully tested before being sent to our overseas clients. The products are full of natural minerals, vitamins and proteins and come with the same delicious taste that Mother Nature has bestowed in them